What is Upwork? And why do I prefer to work from home?
Many people are looking for the best ways to get a new income. Some resort to traditional free works or work on their car or other means to earn more money. Here I will show one of the ways that a person can get a decent job inside his home flexibly, and close to the family and boys especially to the woman who has children who want to stay with them and raise them themselves or someone who is in a flexible overtime work for any circumstance. In reality, there are many reasons why we think about working from home and on a freeway.

Upwork website :
There are many sites that offer free and independent jobs. This site provides a link between the worker and the client by providing a secure work platform and in return takes a certain share of the employee after the parties agree to start work. For this service, the August work site will deduct 10% of the employee and there is no physical charge on the employer.

Why do I work from home?
Someone might be wondering why I work from home instead of traditional work? In fact, there are several reasons why we work from home, such as: Working from home provides a new experience for you and it also provides additional income that helps you to cover the cost of life – if you choose to combine traditional work and work from home. There are people who have left their fixed jobs and went to work from home simply because they do not like to receive orders from anyone. If you are free to work, you will become the king of yourself and the time you control it. Besides, you have the freedom to choose the work we want to do, and no manager is forcing you to do jobs you don’t like.

From a social standpoint, you can easily attend events with ease, and there is no need to apply for leave two weeks before your manager (greatest!) agrees to your request. He may not agree with the interest of work. Psychologically, there is pressure from the client, because he wants you to hand him the job at a specific time, but if you are organized and realistic in the presentation and the work will not face any problems God willing.

The Upwork site has many features:
The environment provided by the site helps you to succeed, the site has many wonderful customers who can work with them and achieve a good material income, which increases your experience and skills as well as your evaluation on the site giving you more business with other customers.
The ease of dealing with the site, the site allows you to build your own file and find suitable work for you and to deal with customers and get money easily and conveniently.
Get more work, the site recommends you to more customers as you successfully perform business professionally and highly rated.
Ensure you get your money dues as quickly and easily as possible.
Who can work on the Upwork site?
Upwork website allows many individuals to work in many areas such as writing, translating, designing, developing websites, data entry, marketing… Etc.

The site also allows businesses that have a number of independents outside or within the site.

How to win UPWOR KH website?
You will be charged for each service through the site and the fee percentage is related to the amount to be paid from the work.

20% per $500 paid by the customer
10% per ($500.01 – $10,000)
5% for any amount over $10,000
For example, if you start an hour or a fixed price and the value of the work is $600, 20% will be deducted on the first $500 and 10% on the other $100.

What are the stages that the work offer is going through before the actual start?
Simply, after the company or employer publishes the vacancy that they wish to fill through a person working from home or even performing a specific task, you do not need to hire a full-time employee. Start-up offers and after the study of offers the best people are selected for this job to be interviewed to identify the person most suitable for the price, experience and other factors. The tasks to be performed are then agreed upon within a specified period of time. Payment is made by hours or flat rate (fixed amount).

In conclusion.
Do not read the article and then leave your job to get a free job but start gradually by opening an account on Upwork or any other company you prefer. After a strong page is posted on the site and your file on the site is 100% ready. You have to apply for applications and succeed in winning some business, so you will be assured of an assessment from your former customers.
The better your rating becomes on your BlackBerry. Become more reliable for employers.

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