Marketing is an old time, an essential element for the success of any business regardless of its size and the domain it belongs to. Marketing for decades has been confined to magazines, newspapers and television channels, and these have been the most sophisticated and effective marketing channels to the Internet, modern technology and everything changed, and a new era and a new marketing concept called digital marketing.

In the past few years and with the terrible development of communication technology and the Internet, its low price has made it available to everyone around the world at affordable prices… Digital marketing has become the most important, cheapest and most effective of all.

With digital marketing, many of the concepts of marketing and the organization’s relationship with the end-user have been changed, through which the target customer can be reached in the right place and time, and even the best case for making a purchase decision, as well as the great ability of digital marketing to target the ideal And measure the results very accurately.
Let’s sail together in the digital marketing world.

What is digital marketing?
Is the application of general principles in the science of marketing through the use of technological tools, and in particular the Internet, which is also the tactics and strategies used to transform the virtual market into a tangible market, so as to reach the client by e-mail, SMS text messages, Mobile applications, instant messaging, electronic bulletin boards, social networking sites, search engines… Etc.

Internet marketing is the most important and largest grower of digital marketing, but it still falls under digital marketing and not synonymous with it. Digital marketing goes beyond the idea of internet marketing to include under its banner all that is related to modern technology, for example, SMS marketing can be achieved whether the phone is connected to the Internet or not, and it belongs to digital marketing.

Digital marketing not only refers to modern communication technology but refers to the technological devices used such as smartphones, and to the digital platforms used (such as smartphone applications).

The digital marketing process is divided into three steps:
The first step: the Pre-sale process (branding of the target audience).
Step 2: It is during the sale (the sale is achieved through direct advertisements).
The third and final step: after-sales (serving old customers, solving their problems, staying in touch with them, and converting them to permanent customers).

Digital marketing is concerned with business processes based on the concept of “E-CRM”, a acronym for ELECTRONIC Customer Relationship Management, which means managing customer relationships through market study, searching for new customers, serving existing and old customers, and giving The opportunity for customers to contribute to the development of products and services provided.

From here, we understand that the new theory of marketing adopted by the digital market… It relies on modern digital technology to meet customer needs, achieves corporate goals, develops existing markets and open new markets, thus achieving a dramatic increase in profits.

Features and advantages of digital marketing
1. the possibility of direct interaction between the client and business
Through digital marketing, customers can express their desires directly to the enterprise or business, by responding directly to the marketing elements issued by the organization.

For example, a customer can express his or her opinion directly about a company product by writing a comment on one of its pages on the media. Of course, this helps the organization to understand customers, their desires and their problems, and then gives them an opportunity to grow.

2. Ability to target well
Through the digital marketing of accurate data and information about customers, organizations can make an accurate targeting that enables them to reach potential customers with whom good sales can be achieved.

3. Low cost and ability to control marketing budget more flexible
The low cost of digital marketing comes as a result of its unparalleled effectiveness, as the cost idea here is measured by the number of gains or profits that can be achieved through this cost.

Marketing budget Control is also a prominent feature of digital marketing, for example, a marketing campaign can start on a social media site for just $100, and you can stop it anytime in real time.

4. Ability to collect and reuse data
Through the advanced technology offered by digital marketing, business owners can collect and retain customer data, and then reuse them again to offer distinctive marketing offerings, or achieve more sales to the same customers who have previously purchased them.

5. Ability to measure results and then make the required improvements
One of the most important features of digital marketing is the ability to monitor, record and analyze marketing results, and then make the right decisions that help the business develop and improve.

In digital marketing everything is subject to analysis from the level of interaction on the media, through the rate of opening email marketing, watching marketing videos, with Wrigley to achieve sales operations.
The analysis here includes the average age of customers, their type, their interests, their level of income… Etc.

6. Fast results compared to traditional marketing
Through digital marketing you often see the results quickly, on the one hand, you can direct the marketing in the direction you want accurately, and on the other hand, you can measure everything and you can see the results in the first. Anyway, the speed of getting results depends heavily on your marketing efforts, your ability to innovate, and the amount of budget you devote.

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